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The Northeast Ohio Basketball Association would like to introduce Assist Hoops. This new program is centered on creating a more inclusive basketball learning environment for children of different disabilities. The emphasis of this skills team will be any school age child with Autism, ADHD, Epilepsy, Neurological Disorders, and other mental/emotional challenges. All children are welcomed no matter their past experience with basketball.

Assist Hoops One Day Skills Team 2023

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The 2023 inception will be our pilot program aimed to allow us to improve our basketball concepts and drills to our new players.  The day will be limited to 3 sessions with 12 players per session for a total of 36 players.  Players taken will be on a first come first served basis according to the date and time registered for the event.  There are three time slots, each 90 minutes for you to choose from.  Parents are free to stay and watch their athlete during their time session.

Drills will include dribbling, passing, hand eye coordination work, and shooting.  Accommodations can and will be made during each drill to ensure every players' success.  If a player shows the ability to routinely excel at a drill we will slowly challenge the player to complete more advanced portions of each drill (i.e.: Player makes all layup shots, we will step back and attempt shot from further away / player easily dribbles the ball through the cones obstacles, we will ask them to use the other hand, crossover dribble, or have their "assistant coach" defend them while dribbling).

Cost of the camp for your athlete for the day is $5 (plus processing if paying by card) and includes a camp basketball for your athlete, Payment details will be provided upon successful registration and confirmation of your athletes spot in camp.

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Thank You
for helping make this opportunity happen.

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